Industrial Urban Exploring West Sussex 

Dairy Crest Factory in West Sussex

So after driving past this place many times, we decided to pop in and have a look around. HISTORY – We could not find any history what so ever on this location other than it’s only been closed a couple years. THE EXPLORE – Getting on site was super easy and getting into the main building was a case of ‘Walk up-Walk in’ There wasn’t much inside the building but there are some nice bits outside! Some of the lights still work so the building may still have power although…

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East Sussex Lewes Schools Urban Exploring 

St Anne’s School in Lewes, East Sussex

So we tried to get in here in February but the place was sealed tight, after that we sort of forgot about the place…After we saw a video from ‘Joe Weller’ exploring this place, we headed off in hot pursuit to try get it done before all of his fans make their way there… HISTORY – The original building and more importantly the land that it sits on has a very rich and interesting history, it closed down as a school for “Difficult” children at the end of the Summer…

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Care Homes East Preston Urban Exploring West Sussex 

Bradbury Care Home in West Sussex

So we headed over to this abandoned care home in West Sussex. HISTORY – This building was once the ‘Bradbury hotel’ royal blind society. After the hotel closed the building stood empty for 4 months before they turned it into a care home. The building was shut for the last time in 2008! there are plans to convert this building into flats ‘High quality apartments specifically for the elderly. EXPLORE – We arrived at the location with confidence of getting inside, we found the way onsite but it was surrounded…

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Hampshire Leisure Portsmouth Urban Exploring 

The Abandoned Casino in Portsmouth

So after finding out about this location, we got straight in the car and headed down in it’s direction. HISTORY – This great place used to be a casino with a ballroom on the next floor, this place also had a cocktail bar, a champaign bar & other restaurants.. The ballroom and cocktail bar at this location closed around 2013 leaving the casino and 1 bar open. In 2015 the remaining bar and casino closed and the building was sealed off for good. EXPLORE – So we heard the access…

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Hospitals / Asylums Urban Exploring West Yorkshire 

High Royds Mental Asylum in West Yorkshire

High Royds in West Yorkshire   History: High Royds Hospital is a former psychiatric hospital south of the village of Menston, West Yorkshire, England.   The hospital is located within in the City of Leeds metropolitan borough and was first opened on 8 October 1888 as the West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum. In 1988, Jimmy Savile assaulted a patient at the hospital’s 100 anniversary celebrations.   The hospital closed in 2003 and the site has since been developed for residential use, some of which is in the old hospital buildings….

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Devon Residential Urban Exploring 

Almost Got Caught at a Derelict Country House in Devon

We did a bit of live infiltration at a derelict country house in Devon and almost got caught by the loose dogs that are on site 24/7. The original post gave out the name of the location and we received a lot of ‘hate mail’ about it so we removed the post completely. After much debate we decided to remove the name and put it back up. so here it is.. We found this stunning country house / scrap yard online and headed over to Devon to check it out….

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Hampshire Military Portsmouth Urban Exploring 

The Fraser Range in Portsmouth, Hampshire

This was our 3rd location of our trip to Portsmouth. The Fraser Range History – The Fraser Gunnery Range, formally known as HMS Saint George, was originally owned by the MOD. It specialized in training naval gunnery personnel in director sight firing and later was used for radar research. It is now owned by QinetQ, who want to turn the site into housing, thus far they have been unsuccessful, but eventually and unfortunately something’s got to give. (Well, not the nudists!) The site was also used as a Dr Who…

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