Industrial Residential Urban Exploring West Sussex 

The Abandoned Farm in Sussex

After much time walking around a field in pitch black we came across these beautiful abandoned farm houses. It conists of 2 small semi detached farm houses and a much larger main farm house. There is also some barns and horse stables here too. The smaller farm houses were in a very bad state and looked like they have been abandoned for a long time. The main farm house looks as if it has only been abandoned 10-15 years. Unfortunately we couldn’t find much history on this place other than…

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Chichester Hospitals / Asylums Urban Exploring West Sussex 

Graylingwell Mental Asylum in Chichester, West Sussex

Graylingwell Hospital (formerly The West Sussex County Lunatic Asylum) was a psychiatric hospital in Chichester, West Sussex. Construction of the asylum began in 1894 and was completed in 1897. The asylum was built of soft red brick with reconstituted stonework ornamentation roofed with slate in a classical Queen Anne style. Lodges and other outbuildings differed in their use of rendered upper storeys and the chapel was built in local flint and reconstituted stone with a red clay tiled roof. At the outbreak of the First World War, the asylum was…

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Industrial Urban Exploring West Sussex 

Dairy Crest Factory in West Sussex

So after driving past this place many times, we decided to pop in and have a look around. HISTORY – We could not find any history what so ever on this location other than it’s only been closed a couple years. THE EXPLORE – Getting on site was super easy and getting into the main building was a case of ‘Walk up-Walk in’ There wasn’t much inside the building but there are some nice bits outside! Some of the lights still work so the building may still have power although…

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Care Homes East Preston Urban Exploring West Sussex 

Bradbury Care Home in West Sussex

So we headed over to this abandoned care home in West Sussex. HISTORY – This building was once the ‘Bradbury hotel’ royal blind society. After the hotel closed the building stood empty for 4 months before they turned it into a care home. The building was shut for the last time in 2008! there are plans to convert this building into flats ‘High quality apartments specifically for the elderly. EXPLORE – We arrived at the location with confidence of getting inside, we found the way onsite but it was surrounded…

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