Industrial Residential Urban Exploring West Sussex 

The Abandoned Farm in Sussex

After much time walking around a field in pitch black we came across these beautiful abandoned farm houses. It conists of 2 small semi detached farm houses and a much larger main farm house. There is also some barns and horse stables here too. The smaller farm houses were in a very bad state and looked like they have been abandoned for a long time. The main farm house looks as if it has only been abandoned 10-15 years. Unfortunately we couldn’t find much history on this place other than…

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Devon Residential Urban Exploring 

Almost Got Caught at a Derelict Country House in Devon

We did a bit of live infiltration at a derelict country house in Devon and almost got caught by the loose dogs that are on site 24/7. The original post gave out the name of the location and we received a lot of ‘hate mail’ about it so we removed the post completely. After much debate we decided to remove the name and put it back up. so here it is.. We found this stunning country house / scrap yard online and headed over to Devon to check it out….

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East Sussex Polegate Residential Urban Exploring 

The Abandoned Bungalow Full Of Stuff in Polegate, East Sussex

This amazing abandoned bungalow was just down the road from where I live. I checked it out last year but could not get in. Luckily (not for the owner) someone has kicked the front door in so we were able to get some footage of indoors. Judging from the decorations and fittings I would say it was last decorated around the 60’s and has been abandoned at least 4 years. You can see from the photos, and video, that it once was a beautiful little cottage, now left to rot….

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