East Sussex Military Newhaven Urban Exploring 

HMS Forward in Newhaven, East Sussex

Been visiting here on and off for a few years, a fantastic set of tunnels hidden away under South Heighton, such a shame that this is not a museum, as they played a vital role during the 2nd world war. In 1941, 130 miners dug 550 yards of tunnels through rock chalk and seams of hard flint 20m below South Heighton, north of Newhaven, in just 17 weeks. The purpose of the project was to house 100 or so naval personnel who monitored the sea off the Sussex coast midway…

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Hampshire Military Portsmouth Urban Exploring 

The Fraser Range in Portsmouth, Hampshire

This was our 3rd location of our trip to Portsmouth. The Fraser Range History – The Fraser Gunnery Range, formally known as HMS Saint George, was originally owned by the MOD. It specialized in training naval gunnery personnel in director sight firing and later was used for radar research. It is now owned by QinetQ, who want to turn the site into housing, thus far they have been unsuccessful, but eventually and unfortunately something’s got to give. (Well, not the nudists!) The site was also used as a Dr Who…

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Gosport Hampshire Military Urban Exploring 

Fort Gilkicker in Gosport, Hampshire

A very early start and an 80 mile drive to Hampshire, this was our first location of the day. Fort Gilkicker in Gosport Some history from Wikipedia.org Fort Gilkicker is a historic Palmerston fort built at the eastern end of Stokes Bay, Gosport, Hampshire to dominate the key anchorage of Spithead. It was erected between 1863 and 1871 as a semi-circular arc with 22 casemates, to be armed with 5 12″ guns, 17 10″ guns and 5 9″ guns. The actual installed armament rather differed from this. In 1902 the…

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