East Sussex Industrial Urban Exploring 

Abandoned Animal Feed Mill in East Sussex

The abandoned animal feed mill in East Sussex. The original building was built in 1380 but suffered a fire around 1880 and the mill was rebuilt on top of the original mill. Apparently the water wheel is still under what is currently there. The newer building was built in 1950 and re-modernised in 1968. The last owners abandoned the site around 1999 and it has been left to rot ever since.

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Industrial Residential Urban Exploring West Sussex 

The Abandoned Farm in Sussex

After much time walking around a field in pitch black we came across these beautiful abandoned farm houses. It conists of 2 small semi detached farm houses and a much larger main farm house. There is also some barns and horse stables here too. The smaller farm houses were in a very bad state and looked like they have been abandoned for a long time. The main farm house looks as if it has only been abandoned 10-15 years. Unfortunately we couldn’t find much history on this place other than…

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Industrial Urban Exploring West Sussex 

Dairy Crest Factory in West Sussex

So after driving past this place many times, we decided to pop in and have a look around. HISTORY – We could not find any history what so ever on this location other than it’s only been closed a couple years. THE EXPLORE – Getting on site was super easy and getting into the main building was a case of ‘Walk up-Walk in’ There wasn’t much inside the building but there are some nice bits outside! Some of the lights still work so the building may still have power although…

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Industrial Somerset Urban Exploring Wellington 

Tonedale Mills in Wellington, Somerset

We headed over to Wellington in Somerset to visit this AMAZING location. A derelict Mill estate with plenty of buildings to explore and over 200 years of history! This is by far the best location we have visited to date. Here is some history provided by Wikipedia (https://wikipedia.org) Tonedale Mills, including Tone Mills, was a large wool factory in Wellington, Somerset that was the largest woollen mill in South West England. Owned by Fox Brothers, it was most famous for the production of “Taunton serge”, and later the khaki dye…

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Industrial Redhill Surrey Urban Exploring 

Fullers Earth Works in Redhill, Surrey

HISTORY: On the Redhill deposit, the most successful quarry operating at the turn of the century was the Copyhold Works of Fuller’s earth Union Ltd, established c. 1860-70. Initially supplying the woollen trade, demand later shifted to the growing chemical and commodity sector. In 1954 the works, by now employing close to 800 men, were bought by chemical company Laporte Industries. Production was stepped up to meet increasing demand and a large factory consisting of kilns, granulators, silos and transit systems on several floors was built. The Copyhold site was…

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East Sussex Eastbourne Industrial Urban Exploring 

Bedfordwell Pumping Station in Eastbourne, East Sussex

Today I visited Bedfordwell Pumping Station in Eastbourne and I couldn’t get over how photogenic the building was. This really is a little gem that will soon be gone. Here is some history I found online.. Bedfordwell Pumping Station, comprising an engine house and adjacent boiler house, was designed by Henry Currey, architect for The Duke of Devonshire’s estate for the Eastbourne Waterworks Company Ltd., a company which had been founded in 1859 by the 7th Duke of Devonshire. The engineer was George A. Wallis, who was elected Mayor of…

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