British Railway Demolished East Sussex Polegate Urban Exploring 

The ABANDONED Old Polegate Station

In 1881 the second station at Polegate was opened in connection with the construction of a new westward facing line to Hailsham and the 1880 extension of the Cuckoo Line to Eridge, and the re-aligned branchline to Eastbourne which the present line follows today. The second station had four through platforms. The East Coastway line through Polegate was electrified in 1935 bringing in faster more frequent services. In 1965 the Cuckoo line north of Hailsham was closed followed i…n 1968 by complete closure of the branch to Hailsham. On 6…

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East Sussex Polegate Residential Urban Exploring 

The Abandoned Bungalow Full Of Stuff in Polegate, East Sussex

This amazing abandoned bungalow was just down the road from where I live. I checked it out last year but could not get in. Luckily (not for the owner) someone has kicked the front door in so we were able to get some footage of indoors. Judging from the decorations and fittings I would say it was last decorated around the 60’s and has been abandoned at least 4 years. You can see from the photos, and video, that it once was a beautiful little cottage, now left to rot….

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