British Railway Demolished East Sussex Polegate Urban Exploring 

The ABANDONED Old Polegate Station

In 1881 the second station at Polegate was opened in connection with the construction of a new westward facing line to Hailsham and the 1880 extension of the Cuckoo Line to Eridge, and the re-aligned branchline to Eastbourne which the present line follows today. The second station had four through platforms. The East Coastway line through Polegate was electrified in 1935 bringing in faster more frequent services. In 1965 the Cuckoo line north of Hailsham was closed followed i…n 1968 by complete closure of the branch to Hailsham. On 6…

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Demolished East Sussex Hastings Leisure Urban Exploring 

Ashdown Pub in Hastings, East Sussex

We found this place hidden in the trees on a housing estate (very odd place to have a pub), walked around the back and found a way in. Once inside we noticed that it seems far bigger on the inside than what it looks from the outside. There is a pinball machine, arcade grabber machine and the bar’s were still in “ok” condition, however you can tell this place has suffered considerable abuse from vandals. We have found little information from previous planning permissions that this was originally intended to…

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Demolished East Sussex Hellingly Leisure Urban Exploring 

The Golden Martlet (Cuckoo’s Rest) Burnt Out Pub in Hellingly, East Sussex

I used to drive past this everyday on my way to work, but never once took a good look around, until today! This is the remains of The Golden Martlet (AKA The Cuckoo’s Rest) built in 1902 (approx). Abandoned after a fire in 2001 which gutted the building. After finding out the pub was completely destroyed, the owners moved the pub to a converted barn next door, and renamed it to The Cuckoo’s Rest. Unfortunately as of 21/06/2016 the buildings have been demolished to make way for housing.

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